Client Care

Headshot of Melissa Edwards from Capital Research Advisors

Melissa Edwards, Client Care

Melissa is our Administrative Officer and the newest member of the team. She received all of her education in the state of Georgia and comes from a background in the luxury automotive customer service industry. There she concentrated on meeting clients’ needs in areas such as customer service, automotive service, and product enhancements following their recent purchase. She emphasizes the value of solid, long-lasting relationships as our Administrative Officer, and she focuses on enhancing the relationships we have with our clients.

Why Choose Capital Research?

At Capital Research Advisors we use different combinations of models in each client portfolio in order to create a tailored fit. As goals evolve so does our approach to each model. We are constantly refining out models and we always use a multi-model strategy— it’s just how we manage money.

At Capital Research Advisors, you’re more than a client.

We follow the Golden Rule—we treat you how we’d want to be treated ourselves.

  • All fees are fully disclosed to you.

  • We operate in a fiduciary, fee-focused relationship.

  • We succeed when you do.