About Capital Research Advisors

Founded in 2003 by two highly seasoned investment veterans, Capital Research Advisors is a fee-focused investment advisor (RIA). We bring together more than 100 years of respective industry experience in our leadership from multiple disciplines in order to help meet the needs of our clients.

As fiduciaries, our obligation is to you, our client, and to act in a way that we believe is in your best interest. We are fully committed to fulfilling that obligation.

Meet Our Team

Headshot of Ken Graves at Capital Research Advisors

Ken Graves

Chief Investment Officer

Ken’s career in financial services began in 1987 with a small independent firm in Texas. That small firm soon merged into a much larger firm, and through that merger Ken became a Sr. Vice President in 1992.

Headshot of Steve Welch, Capital Research Advisors

Steve Welch


In 2002, Steve fully transitioned into a wealth transfer practice ultimately becoming a member at Sanders Welch, LLC, a respected boutique estate planning firm in Atlanta.

Headshot of Michael Trafford from Capital Research Advisors

Michael Trafford

Masters in Financial Planning

Michael Trafford’s focus has long been in financial planning. He attended Georgia State University on full scholarship where he earned his Finance degree, and later, a Masters in Personal Financial Planning.

Jennifer Browning Headshot

Jennifer Browning

Chief Administrative Officer

Born & raised in central Florida, Jennifer moved to the north Georgia mountains in the Fall of 2002. Gradually building her career in the service & hospitality industry has allowed her to spend the past ten-plus years working exclusively with the CEO & Vice President of a closely held company in the Atlanta area.

Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Why Choose Capital Research?

At Capital Research Advisors we use different combinations of models in each client portfolio in order to create a tailored fit. As goals evolve so does our approach to each model. We are constantly refining out models and we always use a multi-model strategy— it’s just how we manage money.

At Capital Research Advisors, you’re more than a client.

We follow the Golden Rule—we treat you how we’d want to be treated ourselves.

  • All fees are fully disclosed to you.

  • We operate in a fiduciary, fee-focused relationship.

  • We succeed when you do.