Meet Our Staff

Kenneth D. Graves

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Ken is one of the cofounders of Capital Research Advisors, where he currently serves as the company’s Chief Investment Officer.

Ken’s career in financial services began in 1987 with a small independent firm in Texas. That small firm soon merged into a much larger firm, and through that merger Ken became a Sr. Vice President in 1992. In 1994, Ken moved to Atlanta after Citigroup bought yet another company. However, less than two years after moving to Atlanta, Ken knew that he wanted to be back in the world of independent thinkers where he would not be bound by a confining company policy with its “preferred” products. As such, he resigned his position with Citigroup and joined a much smaller independent firm based in the Midwest, although he remained in Atlanta.

In 2002, Ken and one of the other future cofounders of Capital Research Advisors began to map out a more strategic investment company. Using their tactical models of investment management, they designed the company which, in 2003, was launched as Capital Research Advisors, LLC. Four years later, Ken took over the responsibilities of Chief Investment Officer.

In addition to his longstanding dealings with the profit driven market, Ken is also actively involved in the nonprofit world. He has served on the boards and committees of the Guggenheim/Rydex Advisory Board, Victoria’s Friends, the Student Scholarship Foundation of Georgia, and the Heritage Foundation. In addition, he has ongoing interests in Compassion International, the National Association of Active Investment Managers, Victoria’s Friends, and Camp All American. All of these connections give Ken avenues to make contributions to the areas of life which he feels are most important.

Although he is now firmly settled in Georgia, Ken has lived in various parts of the world, including the United States, Japan, Guam, and Canada.

J. Michael Trafford

Sr. Financial Planner & Portfolio Advisor

Michael Trafford has now joined Capital Research Advisors as of September of 2012. He graduated from Georgia State University with an undergraduate degree in finance in 1988. Returning to G.S.U., in 1994, he also earned a master’s degree in personal financial planning along with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Michael has been a financial advisor for over twenty years, with Wall Street firms as well as other independent advisory firms, the last ten of which were spent at a national firm here in Atlanta Georgia.

Made in England, like Jaguar, his favorite car, Michael has lived in the U.S. for over thirty years. He enjoys showing his Jaguars and loves to drive them in the north Georgia mountains.Capital Research Advisors is excited to have Michael on board with us to assit us with all our client needs and in growing our firm.

Jackson King

Investment Advisory Team

Jackson brings over thirty years’ experience in the Portfolio Strategist role to Capital Research Advisors.

A fourth-generation Atlanta native, Jackson began his career in 1985 at Lehman Brothers, Inc., muni-bond desk in New York City. Later affiliations include Equity Options Specialist with both Bear Stearns and Israel “Izzy” Englander (Millennium Management LLC) and Portfolio Manager at NationsBank (now Bank of America.)

During 2011 through 2017, Jackson served as Portfolio Manager for Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors in Connecticut.

Over the course of his tenure, Jackson was responsible for a broad suite of multi-asset strategies including both strategic and tactical asset allocation. With prior positions in both operational and developmental capacities,

Jackson understands the complexities and diligence required to navigate and succeed in today’s volatile environment. He has held various Board of Director positions from local church/school affiliations to Director of The American Heart Association for West Palm Beach, Florida. Jackson is also involved and contributes his time to several non-profits.

Married to Catherine for twenty-five years and parent to Libba and Jackson Jr., Jackson now resides in Suwanee, GA.

Jackson is coming on at CRA as a part of our Investment Advisory Team.